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We assist companies*, institutions and governments understand and implement blockchain technology [and other Distributed-Ledger Technology (DLT)-related protocols] within their organisations for efficiency, growth, profit and improved governance. This includes assisting

these clients develop a holistic approach to implementing enterprise blockchain applications and developing strategic transition plans to blockchain and DLT applications; as well as assisting

them with early-stage structuring of blockchain-related projects within their organisations.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • awareness sessions and dedicated training and workshops

  • strategy and business-case identification and implementation**

  • cost-benefit analysis including impact assessments of blockchain and DLT technologies as well as the benefits of public versus permissioned or private blockchains

  • technical evaluation and quality assessment of open-source tech solution(s) 

  • solution design and implementation

  • post-implementation support

  • 'smart contract' development and deployment

  • assessment of the data protection and privacy implications (incl. data privacy audits) of these enterprise applications.

  • bespoke research and analysis for clients on emergent and disruptive technology and innovation 

*These include much of industry- banking & finance, insurance, accounting, retail & trade (incl. e-commerce), manufacturing, energy, real estate, transportation, logistics & supply chain (incl. parcel delivery), healthcare, hotel & entertainment (hospitality) and waste management.

** Businesses keen to invest in blockchain technology must first perform a strategic evaluation to see if it is truly feasible for their business model. Many companies may not see a return on their investments in the initial years. Any unstructured implementation of blockchain technology may lead to strategic failures. Thus, it is advised that companies perform granular assessments at the use-case level to determine which application can be induced with blockchain technology. The points where it can be applied have to be identified and its impact assessed with specific use-cases. A right strategic approach is what is needed to leverage the maximum benefits of blockchain technology.










In addition to advocating for the recognition of cryptoassets as a distinct asset class by both governments and regulators, we assist high-net worth individuals (HNWIs), family offices and Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) meet their investment objectives; as well as assist custodians of client funds (both institutional investors and chamas) better meet their client mandates. 

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • advising high-net-worth individuals, institutional and other accredited investors and entities on purchasing and selling cryptocurrency. This includes conducting due diligence on counter-parties such as cryptocurrency exchanges and dealers and brokers as well as on individual cryptocurrency projects

  • guiding clients on on-boarding with cryptocurrency exchanges and assisting them in navigating key decision points when investing in cryptocurrency

  • advising institutional investors on blending targeted allocations to cryptoassets with investments in more traditional asset classes to better meet desired third-party client objectives

  • advising institutional investors on best investment strategies to fulfilling their client mandates and advising HNWIs on how to best meet their investment goals in the digital/cryptography space

  • advising institutional clients on the different business models for establishing funds to serve different retail investor profiles

  • assessing risk and suggesting risk mitigation strategies to clients based on their fund business model

  • providing clients with critical insight into market fundamentals of this burgeoning space, thereby, enabling them to separate signal and value from noise 

  • undertaking bespoke research and analysis for our clients on individual cryptocurrency projects  





At Blockchain and CryptoAsset (K) Ltd.- BAC(K) Ltd., we therefore assist clients in the following:



Greater ease and speed of recording and transactions; and, ultimately, lower cost and increased profitability



Improved monitoring and control through enhanced traceability and transparency; and

ultimately, better governance and greater trust



Reduced reliance on third-party contracting and outsourcing; and, ultimately, better cost management and an improvement to the bottomline

Research & Advocacy


Critical and robust insight and analysis based on online research and proprietary modelling. Advocacy and sensitisation to the workings of, benefits and risks within the blockchain and cryptoasset space



Expounding on and availing the possibilities and benefits within the cryptoasset space from diversification, long-term value, fund-, style-, factor-, sector-, single-asset, multi-asset (where relevant in combination with traditional asset classes) and index-investing and beyond



At Blockchain and CryptoAsset (K) Ltd., we provide fully-researched and unbiased information and advice on this burgeoning technological and financial revolution while keeping our clients up-to-date with industry and market developments.

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